This is the cycling world tour I did from 2013 to 2020: Eurasia (Catalonia-Shanghai), the Americas (Alaska-Ushuaia) and Africa (Cape to Cairo).

After visiting Cairo, I crossed the Suez Canal and cycled across the Sinai Peninsula, from where I reached Jordan, Palestine, and Israel. Once there my intention was to return to Catalonia hopping through the main Mediterranean islands, but a global pandemic that I did not predict put a sudden end to this long ride –I had imagined many different endings, but not this one!

As I recover from this journey –and struggle to survive the busy but sedentary lifestyle of the Western world–, sometimes I get back to this map to remember how it was like to pedal over 70,000 kilometres during six years through fifty different countries. If you want it, you can do the same.

Enjoy the trip!