My name is Raimon Escapa and I am from Sabadell, Catalonia.

When I was 18 and I cycled the Camino de Santiago I discovered that my two passions –cycling and traveling– could be naturally merged and result in something even more exciting.

At the same age I started to study a degree in Journalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (involving an exchange in The Netherlands and another in Galicia), but four years later, when I graduated and started working, I realised that my professional career could possibly differ quite a lot from what I expected…

After some time jumping from one job to another –and going on bicycle trips throughout Europe in the summers– I had finally gathered the money and grit to step on my bike and pedal towards Africa. That journey gave birth to this website and, a couple of years later, the round the world tour I am doing right now.

Welcome to Bicicleta i Manta!


(Bicicleta i Manta means “Bicycle and Blanket”. It comes from the Catalan expression “carretera i manta”, which refers to the inherent frugality of a road trip)