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The Huayhuash and the Central Sierra

From Huaraz to Ayacucho I followed a part of the so-called Peru’s Great Divide that I found in Andes by Bike. Compared to the dimension of Peru it was not a very long stretch (a little more than 1,000 kilometres), but the  the rainy season, the mud, the thin air and the accumulated efforts made me sweat for five whole weeks… […]

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Del Cañón del Pato a Huaraz -thumb

El Cañón del Pato and Huaraz

El Cañón del Pato is a 150 kilometres long gorge that divides the Cordillera Blanca and the Cordillera Negra in two different ranges. The small road that goes from the coast up to the Andes is a very twisty one that climbs and hinges amongst the rocks until it becomes clustered by two huge walls that are separated by only twelve meters…         […]

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The Northern Coast of Peru

The first weeks pedalling through the north of Peru were quite relaxed. Between Tumbes and Trujillo we rode 900 kilometres passing through several fishing villages and where always stopped to have a ceviche in the market or eat a cheap and abundant meal in a comedor. The stages of those days were basically flat and most of the stretches very well paved. The […]

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Mail from Peru

Hola! Com va això? Jo sóc a Puno, celebrant les festes de la Candelària, abans no fer la darrera etapa pel Perú i entrar finalment a Bolívia. Han passat quatre mesos des que vaig entrar al país i, juntament amb la meva nova companya de viatge (no t’he presentat la Dominique?) hem pedalat uns 4.500 […]

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